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House System

Byars Dowdy implemented the house system in 2018-2019. Here’s more information...


  • To build and promote community across the grade levels throughout the school
  • To encourage appropriate behavior
  • To strive to meet high expectations
  • To teach students to take ownership of their role in the school community
  • To provide a positive mindset within our school climate

Assigning Houses:

Every student will be in a house and remain in the same house as long as he/she is at Byars Dowdy. The process is random - the House picks you! New students can spin our House selection wheel or they might choose a sealed bag with house band enclosed.

Earning Points:

  • Students can earn points for anything! Examples: academics, behavior, attendance, honor roll, field day, after school activities and social manners
  • Any teacher or staff member can award points or give 5 point tickets
  • Appropriate Bus behavior earns special points/tickets
  • Points cannot be taken away once they are given
  • Points must be awarded in increments of 5
  • Maximum points: 25 (awarded at one time)
  • Turning in Reading challenge logs to Dr. Jernigan is a great way to earn lots of house points quickly!

Scoreboards / Weekly Totals:

Keeping students engaged and excited about the progress and success of their House is one of the biggest keys to implementing a successful house system.
Once points for each House are calculated for the week, it will be displayed at the front of the school.

House Spirit Day:

Every Friday students are encouraged to wear their house colors. House shirts will be sold at various times through the school year.


Q: Who will be in houses?

A:    ALL students and employees of Byars Dowdy will be assigned to a House.  Each house has a variety of students in each grade levels and faculty/staff of various roles around our school

Q: Will someone’s house ever change?

A:   NO, everyone will remain in their original house throughout their time at BD.

Q: Who can give students points?

A:   Any adult that works at Byars may give students points. Teachers may award points at any time from ALL classes and ALL houses.

Q: How will we know how many points each house has?

A.   House points will be tallied weekly and will be displayed at the front of the building.
If you ever have questions about this system, please ask your child's teacher or contact the office for more details.